Pam Distributing is introducing Uniview's HD Video Decoder. The model we are reviewing in this post is the ADU8706-E-V3 (6 HDMI Out). Uniview also offers ADU8709-E-V3 (9 HDMI Out) and ADU8712-E-V3 (12 HDMI Out).

Use Case

The decoder can be used in various scenarios but one of the most popular use case is creating a video wall. This solution is great for a security office. A simple and robust solution which will work with your existing Uniview system

Another use case is to distribute video from a single NVR to multiple displays through out the building.

Easy to Set up

Video Decoder can be set up using the free EZWALL software by Uniview. This software will run on your windows PC which will be either connected directly to the decoder or same network as the decoder. Ezwall allows you to create various custom layouts. 

The Ezwall application is used for configuration only this application pushed all settings to the Decoder where they are hosted/saved. 

More information Coming Soon!!


May 23, 2023 — umair ahmed

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