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Twenty years ago, reinvented the security system, and they've been innovating ever since. Today, their services protect millions of home and business owners, including our own friends and families.

Businesses all over the United States rely on's products, which is why PAM Distributing is proud to partner with their success, and we trust in the quality of their products for our customers.


Discover a new sense of security and peace of mind with a new type of system: expertly installed, customized for your home, and controllable from anywhere. Safeguard your peace of mind with a professionally monitored system that responds automatically to danger and unusual activity.

Small Business

Experience better security with fewer frustrations.'s security solutions provide cost-effective, cutting edge technology.'s products are expandable, so as your business grows and security needs change, they grow with you—a true one-stop shop!


Manage your business security with a unified, cloud-managed platform that includes 24/7 health monitoring and intelligent analytics that is usefull for increasing operational efficiency, reducing administrative overhead, and ensuring professional level protection across one or multiple locations.

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