U.S.-China trade talks end with no deal!

U.S.-China trade talks end with no deal!


May 10 , 2019

U.S.-China trade talks end for the day with no announcement of a deal. The  25% Tariff hits directly at the heart of  the Surveillance Industry.

While Some Business will be concerned others say no big deal, if my price goes up I will just raise my prices. A 25% bump in cost could be devastating 

May 10, 2019 by Randy Walker
Uniview Introduces Wireless Doorbell Cam & More

Uniview Introduces Wireless Doorbell Cam & More

UNIVIEW keeps hitting the nail on the head with the new products and technology advancements. Uniview continues to roll out exciting new products with impeccable quality.

Doorbell, Feature Rich With No Monthly Fees

Following are some of the new items introduced at ISC West 2019. Contact PAM Distributing for more details on current and new Uniview products.

May 04, 2019 by Randy Walker

UNIVIEW Announces Brand New Graphical User Interface (GUI) Coming Very Soon.

A new GUI was displayed at ISC West last month by UNIVIEW, The original Chinese IP OEM.
Following is a recent news release of yet another example of their progress.  As a global leading video surveillance manufacturer, Uniview dedicates to provide better products and better services for global distributors, system integrators and installers.
May 04, 2019 by Randy Walker
Hybrid NVR, 10, 16, 24 Channel Analog &  IP Combo

Hybrid NVR, 10, 16, 24 Channel Analog & IP Combo

Uniview NVR201-04 and NVR201-08Q are the latest Hybrid NVR models designed to support both analog and IP camera. It is the first hybrid NVR series Uniview released. Build-in encoder can process the captured pictures at the resolution up to 5MP.

March 30, 2018 by Randy Walker

Uniview Technologies New Products Release - 1HDD H.265 & 4K PoE NVR

Uniview is going to release new 1 HDD 4K&H.265 PoE NVR soon, which are named NVR301-P series. Featured by 4K&H.265, it can help to upgrade your video surveillance system to higher resolution but lower bandwidth. NVR301-P is quite suitable for small installations such as shop, home and so on.    


With 4K display resolution, it can significantly increase the recognition of details. And compared

May 26, 2017 by Randy Walker
Uniview Fish Eye 360 Panorama IP Camera

Uniview Technology Announces Plans to Partner with PAM Distributing

PAM Distributing Co. Is proud to announce our new partnership with Uniview, the 8th largest Surveillance Product Manufacturer in the world and the 3rd largest in China. While bigger is not necessarily better, Uniview has plans of moving right on up in the ratings as the top two, Hikvision and Dahua seem to stall amidst unfriendly industry rumors and product reviews.

Night Vision Cameras Have Poor Night Vision

3. IR LED: The IR illuminator mostly uses IR LED. An IR LED is a special  LED which emits infra red rays in the range of 760nm. They are mostly made up of Gallium Arsenide or Aluminum Gallium Arsenide. They operate at a voltage around 1.4V. They can either work in direct emission mode or reflected emission mode. Normally an array of such LEDs is incorporated in night vision cameras.
December 23, 2016 by Randy Walker

What is HD Over Coax, AHD, TVI & CVI?

Which is the best, AHD, TVI or CVI.

HD Analog over Coax is currently the big buzz in the CCTV industry. In the beginning, actually in 1985, Serial digital interface (SDI) came upon...

April 27, 2016 by Randy Walker
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SeeStation HD Over Coax Motorized Varifocal Zoom Cameras Now In Stock

The New SeeStation line offers 2.8 - 12mm Varifocal Zoom Cameras that can be controlled by a Joystick built into the camera cable and from the DVR or Mobile Device by using the included Remote Client Software...
December 20, 2015 by Randy Walker

SeeStation Introduces New Analog High Definition "AHD" Surveillance Equipment

PAM Distributing is proud to be the first Security Master Distributor to announce the new line of SeeStation Analog High Definition, AHD Surveillance Cameras & Recorders...
April 26, 2015 by Randy Walker
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