SeeStation 4 CAMERAS~1 COAX (Audio & Video Multiplexer)

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Vendor SeeStation

The All New SeeStation Coaxial Video Multiplexer Delivers High Quality Multi Camera Video Over a Single Coax Cable. 
4 ANALOG Cameras - One Coax – 1200+ Feet

***These units will not work with HD over Coax cameras.***


Great for New Installations and a Must Have for upgrades where Analog Cameras must be added and running new cable is not an option. This series of high quality products support multi-channel video signals and control data RS485 in one coaxial cable by way of Frequency Division Multiplexing, with all data transmission real-time and all images high-definition and non-delay. With high end installations in mind, these multiplexers are priced to be cost effective even in small home and office applications when you need to add more cameras and running additional cables is just not an option.  

The series also offers a two camera model and both have optional RS485 control.


  1. High-speed Frequency Division Multiplexing technology is adopted so that several channels of signals can be multiplexed without transmission delay or interference.
  2. A Transmission Distance Compensation knob is built into the Receiver to adjust for best signal output.
  3. A built-in video adjusting button in the Transmitter can compensate for different video camera signal output levels.
  4. With energy-saving circuit to achieve best energy efficiency ratio, only a 12VDC 1A power supply is required.

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