VANCO Evolution HDMI® 4 x 4 Selector Switch with Seamless Switching and Multiview

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Vendor VANCO


Vanco Evolution HDMI® 4 x 4 Selector Switch with Seamless Switching and Multiview.

Includes Control4, Crestron, Elan Drivers & IR HEX Commands


  • High-performance matrix with multiple modes to produce seamless matrix switching, as well as having multiview, and video wall modes
  • The switching mode of the matrix allows the speed of switching to be controlled allowing inputs to fade in and fade out
  • Multiview mode allows all of the sources to be seen on the displays equally in Quad-view, or in PIP with a main source being larger than the other smaller sources
  • Video Wall mode allows the matrix to be configured to fit a 2x2 video wall with vertical and horizontal adjustments to account for different sized display bezels
  • Built-in scaler function to achieve a variety of formats to a unified output signal with embedding audio.
  • Supports RS-232, remote control, on-panel control and TCP/IP Control
  • HDMI1.3, DVI1.0, and HDCP Compliant
  • Input video supports HDMI, VGA and C-video
  • Supports input resolutions: HDMI: 480i to 1080p, VGA:1920 x 1080P@60Hz, 1360 x 768P@60Hz, 1280 x 1024P@60Hz, 1024 x 768P@60Hz, 1280 x 720P@60Hz, 1280 x 768P@60Hz, 800 x 600@60Hz, 640 x 480P@60Hz, CV: Supports PAL, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43, SECAM, PAL/M, PAL/N standard TV formats
  • Supports smart EDID management
  • Picture Adjustment Settings
  • Automatically adjust the VGA and Composite video input
  • Supports power-off memory
  • Power Supply: 12V/2.5A DC
  • Dimensions: 17.32” W x 1.75” H x 7.87” D

Package Contents:

4x4 Matrix EVMX44SL        
(4) Wideband IR Tx cables                
(5) Wideband IR Rx cables               
Mixed Matrix IR Remote      
12V/2.5A DC power supply              
2 Mounting ears                     
RS232 cable               
Product Manual

Part No Pkg. UPC
EVMX44SL Pkgd 741835105385


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