SEESTATION TGP001 Twisted Pair Ground Loop Isolator built in Video BALUN

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PN / SEE-TGP001 *


The TGP001 Video Ground Loop Isolator is passive devices which reduce Ground Loop Interference with CCTV signals and can easily install in a new or added to existing systems.   It is useful where a video signal is transmitted via cable between points with different ground potentials, Differences in ground potentials are typically caused by unbalanced power line loads.

  • BNC male to 2 pin terminal block.
  • Others same as GL001 Ground Loop Isolator function.
  • Built in Video BALUN .
  • Eliminate Coaxial Cable.
  • Built in TVS ( Transient Voltage Suppressors) for surge protection.
Item TGP001
Insertion Loss 0.5dB
Frequency Response 0-3dB at 10Mhz
Input Resistance 75 ohm
Output Resistance 75 ohm
Isolation Voltage 600VDC (Min)
Insulation Resistance 100m Ohm
Transient Voltage Suppressors 12 Vrms
Dimensions (mm) 69x25x22
Material ABS Black