UNIVIEW UAC-B125-AF28M: 5MP ColorHunter HD Fixed Mini Bullet Analog Camera

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5MP ColorHunter HD Fixed Mini Bullet Analog Camera

Introducing the UNV-UAC-B125-AF28M, a high-performance 5MP ColorHunter HD Fixed Mini Bullet Analog Camera designed to provide exceptional surveillance capabilities. With its advanced features and rugged design, it ensures reliable security monitoring for various applications.

Uniview's ColorHunter Technology

Uniview's ColorHunter equipped cameras utilize a mixture of hardware and software upgrades to make low-light recording significantly brighter and clearer—exposing dark, fuzzy portions of the image that would be missed with lower-quality cameras. They achieve this by using a large aperture, high light transmittance glass lens, and a back-illuminated large CMOS Sensor coupled to a their proprietary U-ISP technology to provide improved noise reduction and reduce motion blur.

Key Features

  • High-Resolution Imaging: Equipped with a 5-megapixel sensor, this camera captures clear and detailed footage, ensuring high-quality surveillance recordings.
  • ColorHunter Technology: Supports white light illumination for 24/7 color images, ensuring enhanced visibility and clarity in all lighting conditions.
  • Multiple Signal Compatibility: Compatible with TVI, AHD, CVI, and CVBS signals, providing versatility and flexibility in system integration.
  • Flip Functionality: Supports 180° horizontal flip and 180° vertical flip, allowing for flexible mounting and positioning options.
  • OSD Configuration Menu: Features an OSD configuration menu for easy operation and adjustment of camera settings, ensuring optimal performance and customization.
  • IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof Design: Built with an IP67-rated waterproof and dustproof design, this camera withstands harsh environmental conditions, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • Multilingual OSD Menu: OSD configuration menu available in 11 languages, facilitating easy setup and operation for users worldwide.
  • Built-in Microphone: Includes a built-in microphone for high-quality audio transmission via coaxial cables, enabling comprehensive audio monitoring capabilities.
  • Rugged Construction: Features a metal front face and housing for added durability and protection against vandalism and tampering.

Experience enhanced security monitoring with the UNV-UAC-B125-AF28M: where advanced technology meets reliability and performance.

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