SS-WBS400 5.8G Wireless Bridge / WIFI ANTENNA (1 PAIR)

Brand SeeStation

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PN / SS-WBS400*

5.8G Wireless Bridge / WIFI Antenna

The maximum wireless speed is 900Mbps, and the farthest transmission distance is 3KM, 1.8 Miles makes suitable for long-distance environment. Point-to-point wireless internet transmission, Surveillance System UTP Transmission and More. Cross Spans where physical plant is not an option. Save wire & high network cost. Supports PoE power supply which is included. Makes installation fast, quick and morte profitable..

* Max 2km Wireless Data Transmission - Point to point transmission mode, stable wireless transmission
*5G frequency band with little interference and stable signal - Choose free and clean 5G band to improve the stability of signal transmission
* Built-in industrial directional antenna. - Equipped with a professional-grade directional high-gain dual-polarized antenna, it has a wider range of wireless coverage.
* External PA and LNA - External American skyworks PA and LNA, more suitable for long distance transmission
* Solid Cap - Design of Solid Cap supports higher equipment stability and longer life.
* Outdoor design - Professional hardware and shell design, up to 8KV lightning protection. It can easily cope with harsh outdoor environment
* Easy to use - The default is the paired of bridge connections, real plug and play, free configuration.

Sold as a pair only.


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