PN / FAC-V-RK25 *

Factor V Series amplifier accessories are professional tools designed to enhance connectivity and provide expansion to suit the needs of the customer regardless of the installation size. Each accessory offers unique features that provide unmatched value in their class.

The V-RK2.5 is a rack kit system that provides all the parts necessary to mount one or two Factor V-Series amplifiers or tuners in a standard 19 inch rack.

The kit includes 2 x rack wings, 1 x ? rack extension, 2 x amplifier joining plates with screws and washers plus 4 x 10/32 professional rack screws with nylon washers.

The V-RK2.5 uses 2U rack spaces or 3.5 inches of vertical rack space.

The V-RK2.5 is constructed of 16 gauge steel with a black powder coat non-scratching finish.

Mount two V-4240 amplifiers for a total of 480 watts of background music and paging power consuming a mere two rack spaces.

The V-RK2.5 is also perfect for mounting one amplifier and one companion V-Series tuner side by side.

Create any racking combination to suit your installation needs while saving valuable rack space.