SOLDERLESS 3M MALE BULLET Disconnect Plug Red Connector

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PN / 3MFPR *

Nylon-insulated bullet connectors are round female and male pole type connectors that mate with each other to connect or disconnect a wired connection. The nylon material is more flexible and resists heat better, while the brass sleeve acts as a double crimp and adds resistance against vibration. Bullet connectors are used in applications that utilize wire to transfer electrical current.

  • Used where insulated barrel and positive insulation grip are necessary or desirable.

  • Seamless brass sleeve securely covers the flared, molded nylon.

  • Insulation is securely molded onto brass sleeve and is flared for easier wire insertion.

  • Allows for an excellent mechanical crimp and wire strain relief.

  • Industry standard color-coding indicates wire range.

  • Rated to 600 volts maximum, building wire; 1000 volts maximum, 105° C.