PDK-RPW: Red Pedestal Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Control Panel

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Red Pedestal Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Control Panel

The PDK Red Pedestal Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Control Panel sets industry standards with advanced security protocols such as OSDP, mobile, and encrypted credential communication, ensuring robust protection against unauthorized access.

PDK’s Red Pedestal Controller is the solution for access control needs in outdoor applications such as parking lots, gated communities, and storage facilities. A robust weatherproof stainless-steel housing protects the controller and provides a blank faceplate for your favorite reader. It features built-in network connectivity and self-discovery to simplify IP configuration.

Power Monitoring

Equipped with an on-board power supply and a fully-supervised power circuit, the PDK Red Pedestal monitors input, output, battery voltage, and overall controller health in real-time, ensuring reliable operation even in challenging environments.

Plug-n-Play Connectivity

Designed for ease of deployment, all PDK Red devices feature plug-n-play functionality, making them simple to install straight out of the box. Whether for a small setup or a large-scale project, adding devices is straightforward and hassle-free.


Upon connecting an Ethernet cable, the Red Pedestal automatically integrates with the Cloud Node, eliminating the need for manual IP address configuration. This self-discovery feature streamlines setup and enhances operational efficiency.

Eliminate Trenching

With innovative WiMAC wireless capabilities, the PDK Red Pedestal eliminates the need for trenching, offering a cost-effective solution for securing gates and exposed areas without compromising security.

System Scalability

From managing a few doors to scaling up to thousands, the PDK Red Pedestal provides unmatched scalability. It allows seamless addition of doors and devices across any location and device type, ensuring adaptability to evolving security needs with ease.