PDK-R2: Red 2 Two-Door Controller

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Red 2 Two-Door Controller

Experience streamlined access control management with the PDK Red™ 2 controller. Engineered for simplicity and reliability, the Red™ 2 combines essential features with cutting-edge technology to enhance security and efficiency in any environment.

PDK's Red 2-door controller includes built-in ethernet connectivity and self-discovery, simplifying IP configuration and functionality. The Red 2 is equipped with OSDP functionality, an onboard power supply, and a fully supervised power circuit that monitors input, output, battery voltage, and overall controller health.


Designed to meet the diverse needs of commercial buildings, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and beyond, the PDK Red™ 2 controller offers versatility and scalability for various access control applications.

Key Features

  • Built-in Ethernet Connectivity: Seamlessly integrate the Red™ 2 into your network infrastructure with built-in Ethernet connectivity, facilitating easy IP configuration and management.
  • Self-Discovery Capability: Simplify installation and setup procedures with the Red™ 2's self-discovery feature, minimizing configuration time and effort.
  • OSDP Functionality: Ensure secure communication between access control devices with OSDP functionality, enhancing system integrity and protection against unauthorized access.
  • Onboard Power Supply: With its onboard power supply, the Red™ 2 guarantees uninterrupted operation, even in the event of power fluctuations or outages, for continuous access control reliability.
  • Fully Supervised Power Circuit: Monitor critical power parameters, including input voltage, output voltage, battery voltage, and overall controller health, in real-time, ensuring optimal performance and system longevity.

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