PDK-CSC Prox Clamshell Card - 25PK

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Prox Clamshell Card - 25PK

HID® Compatible (Only sold in Qty 25) 26bit Wiegand


Built For Everyday Use

The Clamshell Card stands out as a reliable choice for professional access control systems, engineered to endure years of consistent use. Crafted from durable white PVC and featuring an ergonomic design, this card offers both longevity and user comfort. Whether deployed in office buildings, schools, universities, or other settings, its robust construction ensures resilience to daily wear and tear, while its ergonomic design enhances user convenience. With the Clamshell Card, you can trust in a secure and dependable access control solution that meets the demands of diverse environments.

Part Numbers:

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Clamshell Card PN: CSC
Printable Card PN: CPC
Key Fob PN: KFC
Leather Key Fob PN: LTH
Sticker PN: STK
Bracelet PN: BRC

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