PDK-CPC: ISO Printable Proximity Credentials Card (100PK)

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ProdataKey CPC Printable Card 26-bit Prox Card Credential (100PK)

The PDK ISO Printable Proximity Credentials Card sounds like a versatile solution for access control systems. Its combination of proximity card technology with a graphics quality surface allows for seamless integration with direct image printers, enabling customized card designs while maintaining functionality. Its ultra-thin design ensures that it can fit into wallets or ID badge sleeves without adding bulk, making it convenient for users to carry. The ability to customize the card adds a layer of personalization and branding, enhancing its appeal for various organizations. Overall, it appears to be a customizable and convenient option for access control needs. Credentials are all about convenience.

Efficient Power Management
Designed for optimal performance, each CPC card operates efficiently without requiring power monitoring due to its passive nature, ensuring hassle-free integration into existing systems.

Plug and Play Compatibility

Simple Integration
Designed for seamless integration, the CPC cards are plug and play compatible, allowing for easy deployment and use across various access control systems right out of the box.

Each CPC card is self-discoverable within compatible systems, simplifying the setup process and enhancing operational efficiency without manual intervention.

Cost-Effective Solution

Budget-Friendly Access Control
The ProdataKey CPC cards offer a cost-effective solution for access control needs, reducing overhead costs associated with traditional access management systems.


Flexible Deployment Options
Whether deploying a small-scale or large-scale access system, the CPC cards provide scalable solutions to meet evolving security demands efficiently.

The ProdataKey 26-bit Printable Proximity Credential Card (100PK) ensures industry-leading security with robust 26-bit proximity card technology, providing reliable access control.

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