Matching Transformer 300 to 75 ohm Indoor-Outdoor OB-1

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PN / OB-1 *

This Matching Transformer is weather resistant and is commonly used to connect directly to an off air TV Antenna. It converts the antenna signal from 300 ohm which is a pair of screw terminals to a 75 ohm coaxial type fitting. It is designed to pass a bandwidth from 5-900 MHz UHF-VHF-FM

Some Off Air antennas are fitted with a 300 ohm output used with a flat 2 conductor cable and others a 75 ohm Coax style output. The ohm number relates to the type of cable the signal will be carried on to a Television Set or other receiver type. 300 ohm is a flat cable with two solid conductors. 75 Ohm is a Coaxial type cable and used on most all current installations due to the complexity of the modern "RF Signal"

OB-3 Matching Transformer is also available in a 300/300 ohm version.


  • 75 / 300 Ω Matching Transformer. 
  • Bandwidth 5-900MHz UHF-VHF-FM
  • Weather Resistant
  • Converts 300 ohm UHF/VHF/FM twin-lead input to 75 ohm coaxial cable output to components.
  • Convert outdoor antenna connection to coaxial cable input. Includes rubber boot to protect connection from the elements.