FACTOR IR-KIT-36/56 Complete Professional Infrared Kit

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PN / FAC-IRKIT-36-56K *

Complete Professional Infrared Kit

Complete Professional Infrared Kit
Micro IR receiver includes 3 color frames
Black, white & silver to match any display
Dual frequency IR receiver 36/56K
Plasma, CFL and sunlight friendly
Confirmation "blinking" LED's
IR connection block handles multiple
IR repeaters and four flasher outputs
Includes two dual flashers with conformation LED's
to control up to eight components
Includes 12VDC 500ma power supply

Frequency response 36kHz - 56kHz
Red confirmation LED
3 Wire VDC+, Ground & IR Signal
L x 2.5" - 62mm
w x 0.375" - 9mm
D x 0.375" - 9mm

IR-CONN-BLK Steel case
Connections - removable terminal block
Flasher outputs 3.5mm mono Tip-IR Sleeve-G
12VDC Power in Tip +
Status Power in Tip +
(Status power is not necessary for Factor IR Confirmation)
Screw down tabs - 4
L x 2.5" - 62mm
w x 1.875" - 47mm
D x 1" - 24mm

IR-2-FLASH: Quantity 2
Red conformation LED
Connection 1 x 3.5mm Mono
Cable length 8'- 2.5m
Cable split 3' - 0.9m
L x 0.5" - 12mm
w x 0.25" - 8mm
D x 0.18" - 5mm

Voltage 12 VDC
Amperes 500ma
Cable length 6'- 1.82m
Center +