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The Water Detector enables Guardian to act the moment a leak or flood strikes.  Three separate sets of sensors, the Bottom (Main) Sensors, the Drip Tray, and the Remote Sensor Probe, act together to monitor any appliance or fixture, such as toilets, ice makers/refrigerators, and washing machines for leaks.


• 1000’ Wireless range

• 15-year battery life

• Detects as little as three drops of water

• Waterproof housing

• Built-in temperature and tamper detection

• Monitor toilets, basement doors, sump pumps, water heaters, refrigerators, ice makers, sinks, and more


Physical Attributes Dimensions 5"x3.5"x1" (WxDxH)
Ingress Protection IP66
Minimum Water Required Three Drops (only for Drip Sensor)
Remote Sensor Probe Length 4 ft
Required tools None
Power Specs Battery Type ER18505 3.6V Battery
Battery Life 15 years
Connectivity Inputs Minijack (remote sensor probe)
Wireless Connectivity Guardian RF
Wireless Range 1,000'
Max Sensors Per System 255 Sensors
WiFi Required No
Apps iOS & Android via Valve Controller
Subscription Fees None
Available Data Leak status (x3), Temperature, Vibration/Tamper
Physical Interfacing Options Audible Alerts Yes, via Buzzer
Visual Alerts Yes, via LED
Buttons None
LED Status Indicator Power up, leak events, vibration events
Additional Features Quarter-Round cutout for placement adjacent to walls
Earthquake detection (requires at least two Water Detectors)
Requirements Valve Controller within 1,000' of Water Detector





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