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The Guardian Bridge allows any security or Z-Wave automation system to interface with the Guardian ecosystem. The Bridge communicates wirelessly with the Guardian Valve controller (GVC1) and provides control and feedback to the connected 3rd party system using Z-Wave and/or hardwire connection. When paired with the Z-Wave controller, the bridge allows for open/close control of the valve and provides notification if water is detected by any device on the Guardian system. The Bridge also includes a hardwiring connection. Opening or Closing a dry contact input allows for control of the valve using relay output from security panel or automation controller. The Guardian Bridge, on-board low voltage relay, will close when Guardian detects any leaks what can trigger an event on the connected system. In addition to USB power input, there is also 12V DC input available for powering the Guardian Bridge directly from the Security panel.


Physical Attributes Dimensions 4.92"x2.71"x0.84" (WxHxD)
Ingress Protection For indoor use only
Required Tools None
Power Specs Power Supply Included 4ft micro USB power supply or optional 12V DC power input
Connectivity Inputs USB Power, 9-15V input power, Dry contact
Output NC/NO Low Voltage relay
Wireless Connectivity Z-Wave, Guardian RF
Subscription Fees None
Physical Interfacing Options Audible Alerts None
Visual Alerts Yes, via LED
Button Functionality Inclusion, Exclusion and Factory reset
LED Status Indicator Power, Guardian RF, Inclusion and Exclusion
3rd Party Integration Z-Wave

Association Groups -

AG 1: Binary Report on valve open/close, Notification Report on sensor dry/wet

AG 2: Valve open/close Basic Report

AG 3: Multilevel Report with temperature every 60 minutes

Command Class - Basic, Switch_Binary, Sensor, Multilevel, Multi_Channel,

Firmware_Update_MD, Notification, Configuration

Hardwire Leak detection, Vavle Control using standard relay
Requirements Guardian Valve Controller


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