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NXT-C Standard Light Proximity Card
• Wallet friendly - thinner than other comparable proximity cards
• Extremely durable
• Industry standard formats
• Unique, non-duplicated ID codes
• Lifetime Warranty
• 128 bit Encryption

Keri’s NXT-C Standard Light Proximity Card provides maximum read range performance in a package considerably thinner than other “clamshell” proximity cards. It can be easily carried in a wallet or purse or worn on the clothing with a clip or necklace. These cards are extremely durable and convenient. The are manufactured with a vertical hanging slot punch, and they come with a lifetime warranty.

Other NXT System Cards

NXT-I & NXT-S Multi Technology Card
• ISO Thin, just 0.031” (0.8 mm)
• Designed for photo ID printing
• With or Without Magnetic Stripe
• Can also print Bar Codes
• Unique, non-duplicated ID codes
• 128 bit Encryption

Keri’s NXT-I & NXT-S Multi Technology Cards allow the user to combine several identification technologies in a single credit card thin credential. The cards can be ordered with or without a high coercivity magnetic stripe, which is useful if there are other types of systems in use that are mag stripe-based, such as cafeteria vending. They are also useful for customers who may have a proximity-based access control system at one site and a mag stripe-based system at other locations, allowing the user to carry a single card. One of the most popular features of the Multi Technology Cards is that they can accept a direct print video image, typically a photograph, bar code, and other user graphics, from most industry dye sublimation printers, to create a custom access credential.

NXT-K Proximity Key Ring Tag 
• Smallest Proximity Key Ring Tag Available
• Robust and Durable -Washing Machine Tough 
• Unique, non-duplicated ID codes 
• Lifetime Warranty 
• 128 bit Encryption

Keri’s NXT-K Proximity Key Ring Tag provides user convenience in a small, ergonomic, and extremely durable package. The tag is equipped with a brass eyelet for attachment to a key ring that ensures the neck of the tag will not break during the life of the system. Key tags are especially convenient for building entrances where the user still has their car keys in hand. If the system has many interior doors that are secured with a Keri access control system, users often attach the tag to a necklace for easy carrying, especially if the clothing does not have pockets.

All three Keri Proximity Credentials can be used interchangeably on the same system without worry about ID code duplciation or format matching. Also, for security purposes, all NXT credentials use 128 bit encryption between card and reader.

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