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PN / ELK-941 *

The ELK-941 separates the steady or pulsing voltage from a single alarm output and directs this into two (2) different relay outputs. This is ideal for activating a two channel long-range radio or cellular transmitter, a two channel siren, strobe light, or bell from the single alarm outputs found in most alarm control panels. A steady voltage input activates Relay 1 (typical for burglary) while a pulsing voltage input activates Relay 2 (typical for fire). A 3 to 4 second verification delay time occurs before the relays activate. Either relay can be set to ignore the delay time and provide an immediate output for installations requiring a siren or bell test. A separate output is available for triggering a low current sounder or LED during the delay time. An optional jumper configures Relay 2 to pulse in a temporal coded bell pattern which meets ANSI Standard S3.41 for fire signaling. The input trigger can be either positive or negative (pull to ground).


• Separates Steady and Pulsing Voltage and directs it into Two (2) Different Relay Outputs
• Positive or Negative Low Current Trigger
• Two (2) SPDT Relay Outputs
• Ideal For Two (2) Channel Long Range Radio or Cellular Transmitters
• Option For Temporal Pulse On Relay 2
• Low Current Output During Delay Time
• LED Indication of Relay Status
• Surface Mount ABS Enclosure with Snap-On Cover
• Meets ANSI S3.41 Audible Emergency Evacuation Signals 3-Pulse Pattern
• Lifetime Limited Warranty