ALARM.COM ADC-VC727P: Pro Series 1080p Indoor/Outdoor PoE Camera

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ADC-VC727P Pro Series 1080p Indoor/ Outdoor PoE Camera

Introducing the ADC-VC727P Pro Series 1080p Indoor / Outdoor PoE Camera, a cutting-edge PoE mini-bullet security camera offering 1080p resolution and Two-Way Audio capabilities. Designed for both indoor and outdoor settings, this camera features an adjustable ball joint mount for versatile placement options. As part of the esteemed commercial Pro Series line, the ADC-VC727P harnesses intelligent analytics for precise object detection and business activity tracking, ensuring enhanced security and operational efficiency.

Experience the convenience of encrypted, 24/7 HD recording directly onto a microSD card, complemented by cloud clip storage options. Seamlessly access live and recorded video footage via the Customer Website and Customer app, utilizing the Smart View video timeline to effortlessly pinpoint critical events like person detection or door access.

Engage in real-time communication with delivery personnel, guests, or unwanted visitors from any location, courtesy of the camera's robust speaker and microphone setup. Additionally, leverage the proactive deterrence capabilities of Perimeter Guard™, featuring attention-grabbing audio and flashing red LED alerts upon detecting intruders after hours.

Product Features:

  • 1080p HDR Video: Delivers high-definition video resolution for clear and detailed footage.
  • Business Activity Analytics: Employs intelligent analytics for precise object detection and business activity tracking.
  • Two-Way Audio and Perimeter Guard™: Enables seamless communication and proactive deterrence of intruders.
  • Onboard Recording with Smart View: Supports local recording onto a microSD card, with Smart View functionality for efficient event retrieval.
  • Video Analytics with Object Detection: Enhances security measures with advanced object detection capabilities.
  • Power over Ethernet: Simplifies installation and operation by delivering power and data through a single ethernet cable.
  • 117-Degree Horizontal Field of View: Offers expansive coverage for comprehensive surveillance.
  • IR Night Vision up to 49 ft (15m): Provides clear visibility even in low-light conditions.
  • IP66-Rated Waterproof & Dust-Tight: Ensures reliable performance in challenging environmental conditions.
  • Compliant with Section 889 of the NDAA: Meets regulatory requirements for enhanced security and compliance.

Experience unparalleled security and monitoring capabilities with the ADC-VC727P, a versatile solution designed to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses and homeowners alike.