SEESTATION IP02 Extend 4 IP Cameras Over Coax (2000 Meters)

PN / SEE-IP02 *

IP02 Active IP Extender over Coax


Send and extend four IP camera signals or any TCP/IP devices over existing coaxial cable for a distance of up to 2000 Meters. This is an active device and includes transmitter and receiver. Plug and play for easy connection. Long range transmission. 

Note: This item was tested in our lab using a 1000' of RG59 CCTV Cable. We hooked up 6 Uniview IP Cameras to a switch then sent the combined signal over the 1000' length of Coax. The results were unbelievably good by producing images as good as on much shorter runs. . 

This is not an item you would use everyday but when the need is there, it can save time and money and it works like a champ..