TRIPOD 3' WITH 2" x 24'' POLE

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Portable or Permanent Tripod for smaller Dishes or Off-air Antennas
Shown with Antenna Which is Not Included

*Sturdy steel construction
* Zinc / galvanized surfaces resist rust
*Mount on roofs, decks or any sturdy surface
*Swivel feet rotate to accommodate pitched surfaces
*Can be used as a portable tripod for RV use
*Includes a 2.0” x 28.0” center support tube

Product Description
This tripod is very sturdy and has multiple uses. It can be used as a support for a off-air VHF/UHF antenna or it can be used as a support for a satellite antenna. The tripod can be permanently bolted to
building surfaces or even concrete with the proper anchor bolts which you provide.

The tripod collapses to a bundle that can be stowed in a RV or even carried in passenger vehicle if a portable antenna stand is needed in a mobile application.

We highly recommend that a sealing material is used under the feet if the tripod is mounted on a roof surface. We suggest that you use our EZP10, PV2626, PV2632 or some similar flexible sealing pad material that will prevent roof leaks.

This tripod is not suggested for Ka satellite antennas.


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