I have been trying to use EZStation and EZCloud to monitor my Mission Critical cameras.  If the Cloud goes down, even for a moment, my customers will be in jeopardy of not seeing an occurrence on their cameras.

EZStation is not the main issue.  EZCloud is also not the issue.

The letters EZ is the issue.

 If this is a 'Mission Critical' operation, EZStation will work correctly, but only if everything is connected using static IP addresses and all ports are forwarded correctly.  

On any cloud system, you are at the mercy of the weakest link in the system which could be the cloud servers, the internet, the routers, the computer running EZStation, or the camera system. 

 We have to remember that this cloud service is free, so they make no promises that it will be up 99.9% of the time.  And we really can't blame them if it goes down for some unknown reason.

To make it the most robust system possible, everything needs to be static and port forwarded correctly.  This method will require all devices to be logged into a network map, everything logged and tested...then retested periodically to insure all components are working correctly.

We hope this helps, but the harsh truth is, if something is critical, it's not going to be easy.