Note: Only some certain models support this function. Please see the actual model for details.

1. Click Setup > Video & Audio > Audio.

2. Modify the settings as required. The following table describes some major parameters.

Parameter Description
Audio Input No audio data will be encoded when Off is selected.
It is recommended to select Off if you do not need audio. This can improve device performance to some extent.
Access Mode Currently only Line/Mic.
This function is not available to devices with two audio output channels.
Audio Compression Three options: G.711U, G.711A and ACC-LC.
G.711U and G.711A support 8K sampling rate only, and ACC-LC supports 8K, 16K and 48K sampling rates.
Input Gain Audio signal amplification for sampling. The greater the gain, the greater amplification.
Noise Suppression Used to reduce noise in images. To enable noise suppression, select On.
Channel Audio output channel. To enable audio output, select Enable.
Only some camera models support two channels.

3. Click Save.


Audio input, audio compression, G.711U, G.711A, ACC-LC, audio signal amplification