Note: This function may vary with camera models. Please see actual Web interface for details.

General Setting

1. Click Setup > Image > Image and then click Focus.

2. Select the focus mode as required.

Parameter Description
Focus Mode Auto Focus: The camera focuses automatically according to the current light condition.
Manual Focus: Manually adjust camera focus as required.
One-Click Focus: The camera is triggered to focus once when rotating, zooming or going to a preset.
One-Click Focus (IR): In a low light condition such as during night hours or in a dark house, this focus mode achieves better effects with the IR light turned on.
Scene Normal: Used for common scenes, such as road and industrial park.
Long Distance: Used for long-distance monitoring on a road. For example, when the camera is installed over 30 meters high to monitor a distant road intersection.

3. To restore the default settings, click Default.

Advanced Setting

The device can adjust the speed of auto-focus according to the minimum focus distance. In order to shoot clear objects, it is recommended that the minimum focus distance is set shorter than the distance between the objects and lens, for example, if the minimum focus distance is 3m, then the objects within 3m from lens will be out of focus.

Note: This function is only supported by the devices with auto-focus. Please see the actual model for details.

1. Click Setup > System > Maintenance.

2. Under Focus, configure Min. Focus Distance (unit: cm) and Max. Zoom Ratio.

3. Click OK.