Camera or NVR configurations can be exported to PC or a storage device and saved as files for backup. You can also quickly restore configurations by importing backup configurations back to the camera or NVR.

Note: After you perform the Default operation, all settings are restored to factory defaults, except the following: login password of the system administrator, network settings, and system time.

Note: Make sure you import the correct configuration file for your camera. Otherwise, unexpected results may occur.

Note: The camera will restart when the configuration file is imported successfully.

Note: Only admin can perform these operations.

Note: The configuration file of an NVR can be imported to multiple NVRs of the same model if you want them to have the same settings. If the imported configuration file contains camera information, the related camera will be added to all the NVRs.

Note: Delete files with caution. Deleted files cannot be recovered.

Importing & exporting files in IPC

1. Click Setup > System > Maintenance.

2. To import configurations that you have backed up, click Browse next to the Import button and select the configurations you want to import, and then click Import. The result will be displayed.

3. To export current system configurations, click Browse (next to the Exporting field), set the destination and then click Export.

4. To restore default configurations, click Default and then confirm the operation. The device will restart and restore the default configurations. Clicking Default with the check box selected will completely restore the device to factory default settings.

Importing & exporting files in NVR

1. Click Maintain > Import/Export.

2. To export device configurations, specify the destination directory and then click Export. A .xml file will be created in the specified directory when export is completed.

3. To import device configurations, double-click the target folder containing the .xml file, select the file, and then click Import.


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