Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Co., Ltd.
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3. Warranty Scope

3.1           Scope:  UNIVIEW's products in any of the following circumstances are excluded from UNIVIEW's free-of-charge warranty. However, users may choose Out-of-warranty repairs.  

  • If any of the tag, serial number or anti-counterfeit label of the device is torn or defaced.
  • If the hardware is modified and/or altered without prior consent from UNIVIEW.
  • To the fault or damage that is caused by using any third-party product, software or components, authorized or not.
  • To the fault or malfunction that is caused by failure to follow installation or usage instructions covered in the documentation from UNIVIEW, or not using the product for the intended functions or environment.
  • To cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents, and broken plastic on ports.
  • To the damage that is caused by lack of proper protection, or acts of God, as well as impact, squeezing, lightning strike, corrosion, high temperature, falling, foreign matter entry, or improper environmental conditions, including but not limited to earthquake and fire, etc.
  • To data loss, as UNIVIEW should assume no responsibility for the data stored in or related to UNIVIEW products in any form.
  • To any common, secondary, accidental or special damage or loss, including loss of recorded data, fees incurred by data recovery, profit loss, product  disassembly and assembly, installation and replacement, and fees incurred by any check, test, or redesign work caused by any product defects.
  • To accessories and consumables, including components of normal aging, wear and tear, such as product documents, power cord, power cable, trunk interface converter box or protective film, unless the fault is due to a defect in materials or workmanship.
  • Products that exceed the warranty period.

4. Technical In-Warranty Returns

4.1           Returns from Customer’s customers:  Customer’s customers are not eligible to return the product for repair or replacement to UNIVIEW directly. 

4.2           Returns whether In-Warranty or Out-of-Warranty:  Customer is responsible for determining which of the defective products are within the product warranty period or otherwise and, if they fall outside, Customer shall be responsible for all expenses and costs incurred thereby (including the cost of repair or replacement of such defective products).

4.3           In-Warranty Returns:  In-Warranty Returns are returns of defective product made within the product warranty period provided under the relevant contract terms.  Customer is hereby advised to check and confirm the respective product warranty period provided under the relevant contract terms.

4.4           Eligibility:  Customer is eligible for In-Warranty Returns so long as the terms and conditions of the product warranty have been met and the product is still within the warranty period.  In-Warranty Returns that are approved by UNIVIEW will be forwarded to the applicable manufacturer for repair or replacement at UNIVIEW’s and the applicable manufacturer’s discretion.  If applicable manufacturer elects to provide a replacement, UNIVIEW may replace the non-conforming product with refurbished product. 

4.5           Repairs: For Repair RMA’s the customer completes the RMA form indicating as much information so as to assist the repair department with diagnosing and repairing the item. Once the item is received the appropriate repair technician determines warranty status by checking serial number and/or firmware version with original shipping documentation (please reference warranty for products on page 1) Warranty goods are repaired without contacting the customer. If a Non warranty item requires repair the customer is sent an “Estimation of Charges” form which they can review and sign if acceptable. Non warranty items require written authorization from the customer. If an item is deemed “un-repairable” the customer is contacted and has the option of (1) having the product returned or (2) having the product scrapped.

4.6           Request Period:  The RMA request must be made within the warranty period associated with the returned product.        

4.7           Freight Charges:  The Customer will pay inbound freight of the returned product and UNIVIEW will pay the outbound freight of repaired or replaced product to Customer. Trade term: CIF Hangzhou or CIF Customer’s port.


5. Technical Out-of-Warranty Returns

5.1           Out-of-Warranty Returns:  Out-of-Warranty Returns are returns of defective product or product to which Customer desires to have work done, but are not covered within UNIVIEW’s warranty terms and conditions.     

5.2           Eligibility:  Out-of-Warranty Returns are by approval and upon payment of UNIVIEW’s prevailing administrative fee. UNIVIEW will liaise with its applicable manufacturer upon payment of such fee. 

5.3           Request Period:  The RMA request can be made at any time, but UNIVIEW is under no obligation to provide support or repair for Out-of-Warranty Returns. 

5.4           Freight Charges:  The Customer will pay inbound freight outbound freight including customs clearance fee.