For Brand X network IP cameras:

The most common question is "Will Hikvision or Daiwa cameras work with Uniview" and the answer is YES. To fully answer in more detail about these and other cameras you will need to look up your camera specs and find out the following:

1.  Is the camera ONVIF compliant?

The 3rd party camera will be able to (connect) with Uniview NVR via ONVIF        (Open Network Video Interface Forum) , but only simple features are available such as live view, playback, simple smart features and depending on the exact model a few others.

You should also be able to remotely check the 3rd party camera in the Uniview NVR via EZcloud, EZview.

One thing to remember, if your Brand X cameras are old, they may not have the ONVIF protocol on them or if they do, you may need to see if there is an updated firmware for them.

2.  Does the camera support H.264 or H.265 compression?

Your Brand X cameras will also need to be using H.264 or H.265 compression as this is what Uniview NVRs record and decode.  If you have older cameras that only do MJPEG or MPEG4, then Uniview recorders will not be able to decode the video. 

If your Brand X cameras do not meet both of these points, it may be time to upgrade.  The staff at PAM Distributing would be happy to help you select from a wide array of Uniview cameras that would fit your needs in the applications you may have.


For Brand X coaxial cameras:

Uniview Hybrid NVRs will connect to CVBS (analog), AHD, CVI and TVI cameras.  The Uniview Hybrid will not connect to SDI (Serial Digital Interface) cameras as they are not an analog signal.