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The Valve Controller is the heart of a Guardian system.  It installs over standard ball valves with no tools and no plumber to automatically shut off the water main during a leak.  It also acts as the point of contact between the Guardian app and all connected Water Detectors in the system.


• Installs over existing valve without any tools

• Valve calibration

• Optional battery backup

• Direct communication with Water Detectors

• iOS & Android app

• Offline functionality


Physical Attributes Dimensions 8.75"x6"x3.5" (WxHxD)
Ingress Protection Splashproof, humidity proof - for indoor use only!
Required tools None
Supported Valves Supported Valve Types Most 1/4 - Turn Ball Valves
Supported Sizes 1/2" - 1"
Torque 12 N*m
Power Specs Power Supply 12VDC 2A Power Supply (included, 10ft length)
Backup Battery Capacity 12 hours + 1 turn (battery not included)
Connectivity Inputs Power, Minijack (leak sensor probe + RS-232c)
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth LE, WiFi, Guardian RF
WiFi Required Yes, only for remote control and notifications.
Apps iOS, Android
Subscription Feeds None
Available Data Valve status, Temperature, Leak Sensor Probe
Physical Interfacing Options Audible Alerts Yes, via Buzzer
Visual Alerts Yes, via LED
Button Functionality Open, Close, Stop, Mute, and factory default
LED Status Indicator Power, WiFi, Guardian RF, and Valve Status
Additional Features Weekly Self-Test
Valve Calibration
Automatic water shut-off (for water, freeze, and earthquake events)
Motor stall detection & notification
Improper installation detection
Requirements Compatible valve (see above) that is operable by hand
Appropriate clearance around the valve for Valve Controller (see below)
Power outlet within 10' of valve, or extension cord
iOS or Android Smartphone with internet access
Wi-Fi with internet access (for remote notifications and control only)

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