B Connector ELK-902-2 Gel Filled White (500 Lot)

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PN / ELK-902-2 *

Elk B Connector Gell Filled White 500 Lot
B-Connector aka Beanie Connector aka B Wire Connector 

White Gel Filled "B" Connectors Wire Splices
The ELK-902-2 premium quality "B" connectors are manufactured from the finest materials. They feature insulation piercing internal teeth, soft brass (easy to squeeze) crimp, a durable protective outer covering, and contains a corrosion resistant silicone gel filling. These wire splices have been used in the telecommunications industry for many years. They provide a solid dependable splice in wires ranging from 22 to 26 gauge. The ELK-902-2 package contains 2 zip lock bags of 250 connectors together with a reusable poly storage box. 


• Non-hardening Gel Moisture Barrier
• Forms a Corrosion Resistant Splice
• Easy to Squeeze Soft Brass Crimp
• Insulation Piercing Internal Teeth
• Durable Protective Outer Covering (no markings)
• 22 to 26 Gauge Wire Range
• Built-in Test Point
• Color Coding For Identification
• Handy Zip Lock Bags
• Packaged in Reusable Poly Storage Box
• UL Listed