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PN / WNG-MS-3005 *

Omnidirectional reception means you pick up signal
from all directions, no rotor needed

Built-in pre-amplifier allows you to boost signal right
at the antenna, making up for signal loss from long
cable runs and splitters

Easily installed with simple hand tools on any
antenna mast (mast not included)

Low profile design meets HOA requirements; perfect
for condos or homeowners association neighborhoods


Mileage range: up to 35 miles*
• Receives VHF and UHF signals
• Antenna dimensions: 14.88" w x 6" h
• Unit weight: 2.8 lbs
• 90 day limited warranty

Includes: Amplified Antenna Head, Mounting Hardware,
Power Supply and Injector (mast not included

*Antenna mileage figures based on average terrain. Actual receiving distance will vary based on transmitting power, transmitting antenna tower height, lobal pattern of transmitter, height of receiving antenna, weather conditions and terrain between receiving path including trees, buildings, hills, mountains, etc.