Uniview IPC2228SE-DF40K-WL-I0: 4K Intelligent ColorHunter Fixed Bullet Camera

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4K HD Intelligent ColorHunter Fixed Bullet Camera

The Uniview IPC2228SE-DF40K-WL-I0 captures 4K video at 30 FPS, providing a crisp and detailed image. Its fixed 4mm lens offers a wide field of view for comprehensive surveillance. With an IP67 rating, it's dust and water-resistant, withstanding submersion in 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. Its IK10 rating ensures durability against impacts, making it vandal-resistant. As part of our Uniview line, it offers advanced features for power users and easy operation for novices. You can view and manage it remotely with free mobile and desktop apps. It's compatible with Uniview NVRs for easy setup, or it can be integrated into existing systems via ONVIF compliance.

Uniview's ColorHunter Technology

Uniview ColorHunter cameras are the ultimate solution for nighttime surveillance challenges. With unparalleled 24/7 colorful monitoring capabilities, these cameras utilize cutting-edge technology including a super large aperture, progressive BSI sensor, and friendly lighting LEDs to capture vibrant details in ultra-low light conditions. Say goodbye to grainy, monochrome footage—Uniview ColorHunter cameras deliver crisp, high-resolution video, empowering security professionals with essential information about vehicles and suspects. Whether it's city surveillance, parking lots, or perimeter monitoring, trust Uniview ColorHunter cameras to enhance your security strategy and provide reliable surveillance, day or night. Learn more about Uniview's ColorHunter technology by downloading their ColorHunter brochure.

4K Ultra HD Resolution

The IPC2228SE-DF40K-WL-I0 records video in stunning 4K resolution at 30 frames per second (FPS), delivering unmatched clarity and detail. With 3840x2160 pixels, every image is sharper and more defined, ensuring a superior viewing experience.

4MM Fixed Lens

The IPC2228SE-DF40K-WL-I0 features a 4mm Fixed Lens, offering a fixed focal length without optical zoom capabilities. This lens configuration provides a horizontal field of view of 94.29°, ensuring wide coverage for surveillance applications. While a longer focal length would provide more zoom and close-up detail, the shorter focal length of this camera offers a broader field of view, capturing more area within the frame.

IP67 Weatherproof Rating

With an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 67, the IPC2228SE-DF40K-WL-I0 offers exceptional protection against dust and solid particles, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh environmental conditions. Additionally, it can withstand being submerged in water up to 3 feet deep for up to 30 minutes, making it highly resilient against water damage.

Rest assured that when you install this camera outdoors, it will effectively withstand the toughest of storms and adverse weather conditions, providing continuous surveillance coverage without compromise.

IK10 Vandal Proof Rating

With an impressive Impact Protection (IK) rating of 10, the IPC2228SE-DF40K-WL-I0 is exceptionally durable and resilient against physical impacts. This high IK rating means that it can withstand significant force without sustaining damage, making it highly resistant to vandalism attempts.

In practical terms, attempting to break open this camera would require considerable effort and force, making it a formidable deterrent against vandalism. Its robust construction and high IK rating make it an ideal choice for outdoor installations or high-risk areas where vandalism may be a concern.

Indeed, these dome-style cameras are often referred to as vandal-proof domes, or vandal domes for short, highlighting their ability to withstand tampering and physical attacks. With the IPC2228SE-DF40K-WL-I0, you can trust that your surveillance equipment will remain intact and operational, providing reliable security monitoring in any environment.

Remote Access

As part of our Uniview product line, the IPC2228SE-DF40K-WL-I0 offers a balance of advanced features for power users and user-friendly operation for novices. With free mobile and desktop applications, you can conveniently view and manage your cameras and recorders from anywhere in the world.

For power users, these apps provide access to advanced settings, allowing you to fine-tune configurations on the fly according to your specific requirements. Whether adjusting image parameters or setting up motion detection, you have full control at your fingertips.

For novices, the apps offer a simplified interface for viewing live feeds and playing back recorded videos with ease. You can monitor your surveillance system without the need for extensive technical knowledge. Whether you're checking in on your home or business, everything you need is conveniently accessible through our intuitive applications.

With Uniview's user-friendly interface and comprehensive feature set, managing your surveillance system is both effortless and efficient. Whether you're an experienced user or just getting started, you can rely on our products to deliver reliable performance and peace of mind.

Plug & Play

Setting up a new surveillance system with our Uniview cameras is incredibly straightforward with our Uniview line of POE NVRs. All you need to do is plug the camera into the back of the Uniview NVR, and you'll instantly have video available on the recorder's HDMI interface. This streamlined setup process saves time and eliminates the need for complex configurations.

Moreover, you can conveniently view and manage the NVR using free desktop and mobile apps such as EZView and EZStation. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, you have access to your surveillance system right at your fingertips. With Uniview's user-friendly interface and comprehensive app support, monitoring your property has never been easier or more convenient.

Key Features

  • 2 High quality image with 8MP, 1/1.8"CMOS sensor
  • 8MP (3840*2160)@ 30(AI off)/25fps; 5.3MP (3072*1728)@ 30/25fps; 3.6MP (2560*1440) @30/25fps; 2MP (1920*1080) @30/25fps; 720P (1280*720), Max 30/25fps
  • Ultra 265, H.265, H.264, MJPEG
  • Smart intrusion prevention, include cross line, intrusion, enter area, and leave area detection
  • Based on target classification, smart intrusion prevention significantly reduces false alarms caused by leaves, birds lights, etc., accurately focusing on human, motor vehicle and non-motor vehicle
  • Intelligent People Flow Counting and Crowd Density Monitoring
  • ColorHunter technology ensures 24-hour full-color images
  • 120dB true WDR technology enables clear images in a strong light scene
  • Support 9:16 corridor Mode
  • Alarm:1 in/1 out, Audio: 1 in/1 out
  • Supports 256 G micro SD card
  • IK10 vandal resistant
  • IP67 protection
  • Support PoE power supply

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