F CONNECTOR RG6 Compression Universal (50 Lot Jar) (DIRECT TV APPROVED)


F CONNECTOR RG6 Compression Universal (50 Lot Jar) (DIRECT TV APPROVED)




Direct TV Approved

Perfect Vision PV6UE-05-JAR Compression, RG6 Universal Connector (50 lot jar)



The PV6-UE is our ‘Universal’ fit RIDGELOC 360 connector. This universal connector fits any standard quad-shield, tri-shield or dual shield RG6 75 Ohm coaxial cable.  Like all previous models it’s textured sleeve cylinder and the end bell capture rings prevent backing up regardless of where the end bell is located on the sleeve after compression. The coax is POSITIVELY captured by the end bell every time. Use ANY Standard compression tool with a compression length approximately 21 millimeters ± and the RIDGELOC 360 always installs correctly for maximum quality and performance. The RIDGELOC 360 is suitable for indoor applications and is completely SCTE tested and weatherproof for hostile outdoor environments. Other features include a extremely rugged machined body, mil spec plating and available customizable imprint on the identification band at the rear of the end bell. Additional features:

  • 50 RG6 Universal connectors per jar.
  • High performance F-type connector.
  • Quick, easy installation on all RG6 coaxial cables including dual, tri and quad shield.
  • Precision machined body with mil spec plating. 
  • Designed to work with ANY standard compression tool (21mm).


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