Guess how many days you think the Uniview camera will continue to work while submerged and win $100.00 CASH or Cashiers Check. Only one entry per person. Should the date you choose pass and the camera is still working you may enter again. Should there be more than one winner the prize will be split between the winners.

We wish you good luck with your guess. This Uniview IPC2124SR3-DPG36 IP camera was submerged on 10-19-2017. It came straight from the original factory box to the water and has not been altered in any way. With an IP rating of IP67 (Protected Against: Immersion up to 1 meter) it technically should survive this test indefinitely.

Our staff started discussing just how long they thought it would work and then decided it would be fun to let our customers in on the game so here we are.

Many manufactures create and advertise specifications when little or no testing has been done. Good Specs sell cameras and for many manufacturers that is all that matters

Visit the Website often to see how the contest is going. Contestants will be notified and periodically updated on the contest


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