PAM Distributing's New E-Commerce Web Site

Our Website is relatively new and is E-Commerce enabled. Yes, if you meet the customer requirements, you can now purchase products on line. With this in mind, the security of your personal information is paramount and requires us to start over with your customer log in information. You are now in complete control of your User Name, Password, and other Personal Information on your account with the new Web Site.   

To set up your new account on our web site, contact us by email, call or text your request to us. Providing you are a current customer and have a verified email address on file, you will be sent an "invitation". It will include a link which will step you through the process of setting up your new User Name and Password. 

Take good care of your log in information and the authorized individuals in your organization that you share it with. Anyone found sharing their log in information with non authorized individuals will be prohibited from further use of the web site.


Main Menu Structure

The menu structure is very intuitive and once you have used it for a few minutes, you should be able to navigate quickly and comfortably around the site.


Using The Main Menu

The menu system can be as many as three layers deep in order to help you quickly drill down to the item or items you are looking for..  

The first and main menu will display several selections. Most of the selections will be a product category followed by a + sign as shown below.

The + sign indicates there is a sub-menu with additional options. You may also see options in the Sub-menu  followed with the + sign which signifies yet another sub-menu of options. There is a total of three menu layers. 

Using The Product filter

The product filter displayed at the upper left side on all search pages when additional product tags are present. Tags provide an even more detailed product search. 

This feature provides an even greater ability to sort and drill down on precisely the item or items you are searching for.  

This is a relatively new web site and as you return you will notice changes & updates. The basic structure and navigation will however change very little if at all. A small amount of our products are currently listed while we fine tune things in order to offer our customers a true e-commerce option to purchase.


Our Customers

PAM Distributing is a wholesale company with a Customer Base including Dealers, Installers, Integrators and Re-sellers. To all others we recommend the use of these professionals for the purchase & service of the systems we offer. In certain cases we may refer a customer to a particular caller. 

Organizations including Government, Educational and Large Franchise & Chain Stores may qualify for customer status providing they demonstrate they have qualified employees on staff who's primary job duty is to install & maintain various low voltage systems. 



We Sincerely Appreciate Your Patronage
Your thoughts and Ideas are always welcome. Without you we would not be!