Uniview Thermal USS-SC100A-TM-O Temperature & Metal Measurement Security Gate

Brand UniView

PN / USS-SC100A-TM-O *

Temperature & Metal Detector Measurement Security Gate

USS-SC100A-TM-O is a multi-functional safety check equipment, it can be used to detect whether there is metal contraband and whether the temperature is abnormal. It is suitable for the control of crowded places since it can solve the risk of missing detection and cross infection, it can be applied to scenarios such as campus, enterprise, government etc., and it is helpful to prevent and control the spread of infectious diseases

 Tempreture Gate Key Features

  • Multi-function, support temperature measurement and metal detection
  • Rapid deployment and easy to use
  • Different height temperature detection sensors are deployed on both sides, it is convenient to measure
  • Temperature measurement distance: 2-5cm, error < 0.5℃
  • Non-contact detection to avoid cross infection
  • Avoid the leakage of manual temperature measurement when the flow is large
  • Alarm temperature editable: the alarm will trigger when the detected temperature over the set value
  • Through the measurement of working environment temperature, flexible adjustment of temperature compensation, improve the accuracy of detection
  • 18 different metal detection areas that can pinpoint metal contraband

Model USS-SC100A-TM-O

Display content
When the temperature is measured, the temperature display area shows the actual temperature the number of alarm.

When the running indicator is green, it is ready to operate.

When the alarm light turns red, a temperature exceeding the threshold is detected or metal objects are detected.

The signal indicator indicates the presence or absence of interference in zones 1-18 from bottom to top.

The signal light can show the detected objects’ metal content, the more metal in the item, the brighter the alarm light.

Temperature detection range

Temperature error ±0.5℃
Accuracy 0.02℃

Metal detection zone mode

18 metal detection zones

Metal detection accuracy

With the function of adjusting sensitivity, each location can set the sensitivity of 200 levels (0~200), the smallest metal object size that can be detected is mm*30mm*2mm.

Password protection
Only authorized personnel can operate.

Power supply
100V~240V, 50/60Hz

Power consumption

Operating temperature

Operating humidity
<80% RH


Overall dimension

Channel dimension

Notes The installation environment should be rainproof, moisture-proof and dry, and the environment temperature balance should be kept as far as possible. High temperature objects and large metal item should be kept away from the security gate. Chemical agents such as 84 disinfectant and 75% ethanol disinfectant should be avoided from corroding the outer membrane of the temperature control probe.


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